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Plight of the Cultural Mutant

Autobiographical Literary Compilation/
Subversive Non-Fiction 
 Copyright © 2017 by Jack Suss (aka Wyman Wicket)
       What is considered mutant today was more the norm of yesteryear; the values of today’s mutant are actually steeped in the time-tested lifeways of tradition, while today’s normative dweeb snubs tradition in favor of “anything goes” (a vacuous and self-absorbed automaton reveling in an artificially enchanted, materialist universe).      
       As one whose feet are firmly planted on this Earth, I cannot identify with a planet steeped in lies, fraud and false consciousness; and as a natural-born American I do not pledge allegiance to a USA, Inc. that has been instrumental in steering the world along this self-same, doomed path.
       Thus, I am a cultural mutant; I cannot and will not bend and subscribe to what consensual reality and culture trance demand of me.

Extract from The Cultural Mutant’s
Guide to Consensual Reality and Culture Trance,
by Nathaniel Sos, the protagonist in 23 Skiddoo

       The cultural mutant somehow missed out on being or becoming a part of the neo-American dream: the techno-modernist vision, the triumphalist society, a person capable of easily identifying with the vapid, false consciousness of the age.  Society revels in its self-referent, solipsistic definition of success: its self-absorbed, materialist consensual reality and a culture trance that lulls ill-informed citizenry into complacency via rampant consumerism and an occult mind control.  The cultural mutant bemoans the decline of the authentic and agitates against the cultural Marxist, self-hating white liberal podunks whose politically correct rhetoric gets thrown in one’s face.
       Follow the plight of this writer and accomplished blues piano player/singer, whose  study of law and esoteric subjects (e.g., consciousness, Spirit, secret knowledge), provide a template for engaging the world, for framing reality, but are not areas that translate easily, if at all, into money-making enterprises.
       But hey! Stop for a moment and consider the very nature of money and finance in the modern world:  the ubiquitous  Rothschild banking dynasty that controls the whole usurious System (e.g., the private, central bank cabal known as the Federal Reserve that creates money out of thin air, viz., by “fiat,” and then uses fractional reserve banking to charge interest on money that it never really “owned and loaned” in the first place). And flowing from this are the many, Hydra-headed corporations, think tanks, universities and professions whose participation in the System has seduced them into the same, Luciferian, materialist world of false consciousness and faux reality known as “progressive modernism.” Non merci!
       There is no comfort, safety and security for this cultural mutant—only his plight.
The Federal Reserve is in the business of counterfeiting money.

The mainstream media is in the business of counterfeiting news.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of counterfeiting medicine (Biopracy! They are stealing molecules from nature then counterfeiting their own patented variations.)

The medical schools are in the business of counterfeiting medical degrees. (When a doctor graduates from medical school, he still knows virtually nothing about nutrition.)

Doctors are in the business of counterfeiting false medical authority.

The mega-sized food corporations are in the business of counterfeiting food. (Processed cheese food product, anyone?)

The global consumer product companies are in the business of manufacturing counterfeit consumer products such as “baby oil” (which is really a petroleum product).

Social networks like Facebook are in the business of counterfeiting friends. (Please LIKE this article, okay?)

Cookie-cutter home builders are in the business of constructing counterfeit homes out of plywood, styrofoam and sheetrock… many these homes will not be standing in just 20 years.

Local city councils are in the business of counterfeiting power. (Obey or be punished!)

Public schools are in the business of counterfeiting school diplomas. (Huh? What? Who needs to learn how to write, anyway?)

The Pentagon is in the business of counterfeiting war. (Don’t have a war to fight? Bomb the World Trade Center and blame it on someone!)

Mainstream historians are in the business of counterfeiting history. (Everything you were taught about history in public school is a lie…)

The globalist banksters are in the business of counterfeiting debt. (You thought it was money, didn’t ya? But it’s really just debt.)

                   Mike Adams, Natural News  9/2/11

       Ah, but this cultural mutant author exhorts one and all – “take no guff and keep your sense of humor at all costs!”:

“Awaken, oh human beans! Be Not Content. Do not despair. Arise! Walk tall, immortal souls!” 


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