Monday, April 22, 2024

Ode to Motherhood

                           This guy, this old guy,

                       Knows nothing of babies

                       Never having sired one

                       Though willing, yes, but      

                       Always the simple bachelor

                       While loving women, even

                       Married, but not yet blessed

                       With children, not yet…


                       That vacancy in this life

                       Ever regretted, a sigh formed

                       Long ago, bridging years of

                       Longing for a fathering, for

                       Motherhood manifesting

                       For pink healthy cheeks and

                       Breasts plump with milk for

                       A youngin’ born, smiling,

                       Clinging to both, to life anew


                       To give birth to a baby child,

                       More than once, perhaps,

                       Then holding child-in-arms,

                       Nuzzling, nursing, attending

                       How nice, how loving, closely

                       Being near her aura energy glow

                       Talking gently, swaying some

                       I adore you mother and babe

                       This clunky old man-boy frets


                       To watch and learn this craft

                       Then hold, himself, his babe

                       And to open himself to it all

                       Humbly, naturally, a papa

                       Now feeling the embrace, the

                       Mutual embrace of mother,

                       Child, of joyous motherhood

                       All at once transformed, this

                       Old man finds his place, his

                    Beginning again     

Monday, March 4, 2024


Dad and Mom's old bed frame.

It's for a full size mattress.

We have only queen size and larger


Notice the two broken circles

In the smaller, foot end.

I was taking it to my truck to

Add to some brush that 


Going to the dump.

Suddenly I thought, "Probably many of 


Were conceived while this

Framed the events."

Strange thought, I know, but how


I was already sad about junking it.

My sadness was then tinged by

Nostalgia, by

An attack of sentimentality.

But the thought came to me, "Oh

Don't be such a fool, you


It's just a broken down remnant

From the '50s."

Another voice told me to

Write a poem about it.

I finally settled on sharing the

Moment with

My siblings,

For what it's worth,

For what it's worth...

          And that is my poem

                             Good bye old frame;

                             Old flame of 

                             Forgotten fame.

                                   May ye R.I.P.

Friday, January 19, 2024

This Is War


(Click on and watch this. SHOCKS THE CONSCIENCE!)

(Click on the link below for another mind blower)

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Down, But NOT Out


Hilarious New Hit SongShe's Got a Penis:

Aging Senators Show Up To Work In Their Hospital Gowns 
After Dress Code Relaxed
Ancient ET

Remember "The Electric Universe"?

The Greatest Show on Earth!
Everything's Theater

Warning: This one is really disturbing.

Lawyer Todd Callender: EMF-Precipitated Zombies?  
(Sure would hate it if this happens, especially for all freinds 
and family who stupidly (or were coerced upon pain of losing 
their job, etc.) got the bio-weapon jab.

On the other hand...

It’s mental illness