Sunday, January 7, 2018

Priestly Friends

Dear Fr. Dan,
Your friendship has been a wonderful gift. Think back on those Loyola days in N.O., LA and then fast forward through time like a movie; your life, my life, unfolding, as we intersect from time to time. And our friendship is the steady template that connects us like a thread. Space and time wither in the ever-present origin of our sharing bond.

I miss connecting with you. And I miss my other priest friend too, Fr. Andrew J. Cassin, who wouldn't let me serve as altar boy because my shoes weren't shined. As we were set to go out on the altar, in the sacristy, he looked down at my shoes and sent me away. It was those shoes, always those shoes, that took me down the shabby road of my scruffy life; those highway shoes, whose muddy shoes? My muddy, old shoes that walked the line, that took me so far away from myself, from my larger Self.
In high school at Gonzaga, Fr. William P. Sampson, S.J. believed in me just enough to help me to believe in myself as a writer. Brusque and smiley, Bill Sampson also took this hippy-in-formation, this wayward Soldier of Christ, molding-me-without-molding-me in his detached yet strong and subtle way. 

I kept wandering in those shoes for over 45 years, often forgetting to polish them, just as I rarely washed my car. Yes, his admonition would become the metaphor for my wandering, a squandered life in the wilderness of separation from the goodness of the heavenly Father and from our blessed Mother.

Funny, I've been trying to polish my shoes ever since. And now that I have returned to the proper House from whence I came, back to the place wherein I began my desolate misadventures, you and these other two padre friends have now vanishedas has Fr. Ben Garrett, the non-Catholic convert-turned-priest/U.S. Navy Chaplain, who appeared at just the right moment to help me bury my WWII Navy veteran father, and then my sister.

And the work of an ex-padre has now intersected my life to help me shine those shoes: Douglas Gabriel. He tells me of Novalis: 

And if we live countless lives, as did the old soul (known in the 18th Century as "Novalis"), then how many more stops on the caravanserai are left as we journey onward, upward, toward Oneness-of-being with our dear Creator? I wonder. I Google caravanserai and click on "Images" and it turns me into a Homesick James.

Take care, Fr. Daniel Lackie, O.F.M., wherever you may be!

Your friend,

Jack aka Wyman aka Stubby aka Bro. Jack Gumpus, O.4B.

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Soul of Novalis

The polymath, Douglas Gabriel, has just released his freely accessible e-book of 136 pages entitled Spirit Awakening Through Novalis (2018)( ).

"Novalis"poet, author, mystic, and philosopher of Early German Romanticismwas born Georg Friedrich Philipp von Hardenburg on May 2, 1772, in Oberwiederstedt, Prussian Saxony. Gabriel relates that according to Rudolf Steiner, Novalis was the oldest of souls among us. He had lived countless lives. Previous incarnations include Elijah, Elias, Phineas, John the Baptisteven stretching back to Adam himself.
Gabriel writes:
According to Steiner, Novalis can write about the most profound foundations of life because he was there when those foundations were laid. The most important moments in Christian history can be understood through Novalis because of his central role in the enactment of the mysteries of Christianity. Of course, the reader is free to surmise what you will out of pure study of Novalis’ work, but it is often found that an inner question about the works of this author arises, “From what source can such wisdom flow?”
It is worth citing Gabriel's summary of Novalis' incredible significance for humanity today:
Novalis is also aware of the stupendous truth that since the Event of Golgotha the Being we call Christ has been the planetary Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit by whom the Earth's body will gradually be transformed. A wonderful vista of the future opens out before Novalis. He sees the Earth transfigured; he sees the present Earth in which the residue of ancient times is still contained, transformed into the Body of Christ; he sees the waters of the Earth permeated with Christ’s Blood, and he sees the solid rocks as Christ’s Flesh. He sees the body of the Earth gradually becoming the Body of Christ; he sees the Earth and Christ miraculously made one; he sees the Earth in future time as a great organism enshrining man, an organism whose soul is Christ. In this sense, and out of his deep insight into occult truths, Novalis speaks of Christ as the Son of Man. Just as in a certain sense men are the ‘Sons of the Gods,’ that is to say of the ancient Gods who through untold millions of years have molded and shaped our planet, who have built the bodies in which we live and the ground upon which we move, so, by overcoming earthly things, man's task is to build, through his own powers, an Earth that will be the body of the new God, the God of the future.

And whereas the men of old looked back to the primeval Gods, yearning to be united with them in death, Novalis recognizes the God who in time to come will have as his body all that is best in us and that we can offer to Him. In Christ, he sees the Being to whom humanity offers itself in order that this Being may have a body. He recognizes Christ as the ‘Son of Man’ in this higher, cosmological sense. He speaks of Christ as the ‘God of the future.’ All these experiences and perceptions are so pregnant with meaning that they are well able to kindle the true mood of Christmas in our souls.

…And so, we see how in the supremely gifted Novalis, feelings free of all denominational bias quicken to life at the portrayal of this holy Mystery which was enacted at the first Christmas and is repeated at every Christmastide. It is the
Mystery of the ancient Initiates, represented by the Magi, bringing their offerings to the new Mystery. The Wise Men, who are bearers of the wisdom of times past, make their offerings to that which is to go forward into the future, that which, in a human being, will one day harbor the power by which all worlds connected with the Earth are pervaded. Novalis experienced the Christ Mystery, the Mary Mystery, in relation to the Cosmic Mystery, the light of which shone before his eyes of soul as it had shone at the first Christmas, when Beings who had not descended to the physical plane proclaimed the union between a cosmic and an earthly Power, which can become a reality in human hearts and in the Cosmos itself when the human heart unites with Christ. The Egyptian proclamation: ‘The God with whom you must be united dwells in the world that can be reached only after death’, holds good no longer. For now, the God with whom man must be united lives among us here, between birth and death; and men can find Him when they unite their hearts and souls with Him in this world. Thus, in the first Holy Night of Christendom the strain resounded: Revelation in the Heights to God, Quiet and peace through all the Earth, Blessed joy in Men.
— Gabriel, D., Spirit Awakening Through Novalis (2018) pp.13-14
"There is no religion that is not Christianity." Novalis
Far from a conceit, like thunder this proclamation of Novalis blasts and echoes an unstoppable planetary truth. 

Proclamation, Sedevacantism

What is of crucial importance in the world today is the process of purification of one's self. On the physio-mental front, I aim to keep food from over-riding my higher self (with the tell-tale belly as evidence of failure). In order to keep myself in fighting form and in "ketosis" I do not eat until @ noon, even though I'm up each day @ 4 AM. (Of course fasting is easier/more efficient when one is actively engaging the muscles of the body, as in working in a physically demanding job.) I believe this causes the body to draw caloric energy from cellulite, while freeing the mind from the lead-weight, down-rushing blood caused from ingesting foodstuffs.
If I eat early in the day, my food-addicted stomach begs for more so that my mind and soul become totally distracted by this devouring monster. It makes me wonder about whether this is the real lesson of being tempted by an "apple" in the Garden of Edenthe apple representing all food. (The extreme obverse of this is that if you achieve pureness of spirit you can actually live without food and only on "prana," as in being a "breatharian.")
The point is this: that after enough time passes, when you actually do eat, after ketosis has already kicked-in, what you do eat isn't as damaging to your body/mind because it is not adding more bulk onto bulk, as it wereat least this is my take on it.

The rest is judicious mindfulness and prayer and avoidance of "sins of impurity." In this regard, I look back almost in horror now at my past guilty pleasures!

I had, for the longest time, a bias that favored esoteric practices such as meditation over prayer. While there is a therapeutic gain from quieting the mind, finding that still-point, prayer, especially praying the rosary, is as efficacious, perhaps more efficacious and "pleasing to God" than "yogic practices." To the modern mind this sounds quaint I'm sure. But I believe that prayer actuates tremendous benefits and imparts grace.

(Now there's an odd-ball detour for this old horn-dog and all-around raconteur of all that's under the radar. Just giving you, the reader, heads up about where this old guy's intuition and interests are taking him these days.)
And one last observation: I mentioned in a previous post how I identify with the notion of sede vacante (sedevacantists are those who hold that the Chair of St. Peter is empty). Well, when there is an anti-Pope occupying that Chair it may as well be empty. Out of a total of 266 Popes there have been perhaps 50 anti-Popes over the past 2,000 years. However, if one holds that the "Chair is Empty" would that sever the chain of succession from (and to) Jesus Christ, similar to how, in real estate parlance, a break in a property's chain of ownership causes a cloud on title? 
Taking that analogy further, consider real property that is possessed despite some fraudulent acts by its occupants concerning the property, as opposed to it only having been abandoned for a short periods of time during its overall existence. Clearly, fraud adversely affects clear title, whereas abandonment may only cause the property to go into disrepair until re-occupied. Similarly, if the proper process of choosing a Pope is followed then whatever Pope is chosen by the Cardinals has been duly and properly installed; however, if most or all of the Church has been infiltrated and corrupted from within, affecting the judgment of even those at the highest levels of the Vatican, the judgment may be extremely flawed but not necessarily a fraud, per se.
Such thinking and analysis might be criticized as legalistic nit-picking that would only rationalize, only "paper-over" grave Ecclesiastical error and maybe it is. But, if "duly elected," I would favor begrudgingly "tolerating" an anti-Pope, however humanly flawed and dogmatically distasteful, as a bona fide occupant of the Chair of St. Peter, despite non-acceptance of his heretical pontifical teachings, i.e., rejecting his "modernist," "globalist," "mindless ecumenism and indifferentism"  as anathema. (You know, as in the political realm, you might deal like-wise with a McConnell or Pelosi or Mueller or Trump [name your political villain-of-the-moment.])
On the foregoing basis I conclude that the notion of sede vacante is a valid metaphor, though not a stance to be taken literally.        

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Rock-Ribbed Originalist

Speaking of those on "the other side," Breitbart writer, Delingpole, comments, "how snarky their comebacks are or how seemingly clever their analogies or how withering their contempt" (Breitbart, Dec. 31, 2017)

Add to the despised and loathsome list in the above cartoon graphic those wanna-be GI-Joe type cops who are too afraid of real combat to enlist. Constitutional advocate John W. Whitehead, in his end of year report, sums things up when he writes, "The predators of the police state wreaked havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives."
If you carry a firearm "illegally," i.e., no "license," should you be worried you might get arrested if you use it to defend yourself or others? I'd defer to the old saying: "Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6."
In 2018 will we see the money changers being thrown out of the temple? The pedophilic elite tried and imprisoned? A public hanging of traitors? A perp walk (to compete with the Communist Chinese 1960s-style cultural revolution) wherein both corrupt Establishment/anti-Establishment figures wearing dunce caps, etc., are paraded through our streets?
Out in the alt-media there is lots of chest pounding going on about us having drubbed the swamp creatures and having mortally wounded the NWO globalists. It is during times of self-congratulatory over-confidence such as these that we should be most wary. It is easy to fool ourselves that the worst is behind us. Although solid progress is being made to uproot the Luciferian Communist infestation here and abroad, we have not yet seen the nightmare that is sure to be soon released upon us.
An occult Babylonian woe that has been entrenched for millennia will not go gently into that good night. These bloodline, Committee-of-300 families remain as the unseen,  invisible string-pullers behind those in the limelight. These dark forces will summon their light bearer, Lucifer, and rage against the dying of their cold light. Beware!
Be prepared to engage in spiritual warfareand to stay alive long enough to do so (at least the "you" as currently configured in this present life).

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


In Plight of the Cultural Mutant I did my best to lay out the absurdities of 25-odd years of my striving for some sort of identifiable professional career. All of my attempts proved to be fruitless. That is, they did not “gather food.” In retrospect, it was almost hysterically funny to look back at it—a true tragi-comedy.
My best years, my younger days (in which I felt the full hormonal vigor of testosterone coursing through my veins) have waned, or are waning. I lost the race; failed; won the booby prize in life. Now I am becoming an ancient, looking back wistfully at “wasted days and wasted nights.” But I won’t cry “sour grapes.” No way!
My quixotic naivet√© was, in a sense, priceless, as I went about the world always sensing that I was on a mission. And I doubted seriously whether many out there could ever understand this man’s quest. My life, even to me, was more like “organized confusion.” That is, serendipity played a major role. It was life as a series of accidents, as I bumbled onto this or that road, idea, aspiration, endeavor.
I followed thread after thread, clue upon clue; all for naught, it seemed. But wait! Perhaps not. After all, wasn’t my failure, my “career identity disorder,” a “badge of honor” to proudly display before a world that was and remains hopelessly corrupt? I said so in my book. Wasn’t, therefore, my not-having-succeeded-in-this-corrupt-world a clear sign I had retained my moral compass; that I was “not of the body”—wherein the body was essentially “the Beast” (The System, comprised of Establishment and anti-Establishment)? Maybe so.
But I never used a compass, at least not overtly. (He who lives a life of “serendipitous synchronicities” never really cares for gadgets.) Rather, I relied on some sort of intuitive sensibility while charging at wind mill after wind mill. No, I was no Don Quixote. I was more like Quixote’s jackass—being ridden by an unruly consciousness—and my dulled lance was my own inborn incredulity about the true nature of the world.
How hilarious! It only took me over 50 years to begin to “see through it all”; to start getting acquainted with the true nature of the world around and within me. (But, as I said, by this time I am a bit more beat-up than I wish to be.)
Imagining dragons to slay isn’t all that profitable in the money-sense. It builds character, in a masochistic way. Still, you (the cultural mutant) are viewed as being more and more eccentric—or angry—for not giving up fighting that good fight, though what that “good fight” is, is anybody’s guess. It’s best left as a testament to the guy who penned it and made it a famous phrase—St. Paul.
No, I’ve just been a big galoot who idiotically “followed his bliss,” who got side-tracked for about a half-century by cultural Marxist infiltrators in the guise of…well, it’s best not to go there as I already (and colorfully) did so in my afore-mentioned book. Suffice it to say that I was blinded by the GLARE while being entranced by shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave.
Now, in my near-crumbling condition, I see the light of the real Sun. It is shining down and warming my face. And it makes me feel good again—not too unlike how I once felt in much younger days: suffused with optimism, light, and directed enthusiasm.   
This dragon slayer jackass continues-on in his plight, however, forever looking for that just-right-yet-elusive job. These days I apply for writing and editing jobs. But if I get any response at all from applications and resumes, what keeps bouncing back to me, subliminally, is this: you're too old, too weird (or as I put it, "Dragon slayers need not apply").
Maybe this little thought essay will win the day—land me that perfect-fit job—the job I have been working my way up to all of my life! HA! Don’t count on it, ya jackass!
Then again, “hope springs eternal.”
Surely, somewhere, there’s a like-minded weird task specialist that would appreciate where I’m coming from. I sort of found it once in Santa Fe, in the person of politico/writer/editor/Orthodox priest Jack Flynn, who hired me to write for him and even started a brand new newsletter to feature my writing. Too bad that was yet another temporary assignment in yet another wave of go-nowhere positions. But, not to wallow in bitterness and despondency over “what might have been…”
If, as I have stated on more than one occasion, I am doomed to live the scruffy life of a bluesman, then let it be. I hereby enthusiastically embrace my fate (while wishing I could do just a little bit better than that).
Yes, I brag sometimes that “I have worn many hats and walked in many worlds.” I like saying that about myself. I like putting that kind of spin onto my crazy life. What it really means is that I remain on a mission; yes, I cling tenaciously to my mission. After all, when I was a kid that was what I wanted to be: a missionary. Much later I even created an alter ego along those lines that I called Bro. Gumpus, O4B (the “Order of the 4 Bs”—Bewildered, Befuddled, Betwixt, and Between). Maybe my mission is to continue on as a bumbler-through-life, as a well-intentioned fellow doing good works, fighting the good fight.
Until I get gainfully re-employed (and NOT under-employed yet again) I will do my best to enjoy these days, creatively loafing my time away. I dream of a job/ a big job/ in an office/ with miles and miles of carpeting/ with windows and a view/ yeah/ a big view of the cityscape below/ and me/ doing important work/ that little-big-work I was born to do.
Some might say, “Dream on, jackass. Dream on…” But I say that I will forge on, doing what I do best, praying for a better me, in a better world, filled with people doing better things with themselves, in the true spirit of what it really means to be a human being.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

For we wrestle not...

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 
Ephesians 6:12  
Forget the players on the worldly stage, those you see and hear: political people, people pushed into the limelight, people who entertain, people in the news who may have done this or that. Forget them all.
In fact, if you haven’t thrown away your TV yet you’re a masochist whose discernment is severely impaired. Even saturating your mind with info from internet sites via your computer or tablet or phone is ill-advised.
Think about it: is letting the world in to program you, as you satiate yourself with entertainment, the news, this what you really wish to do in your free time? Do you want to be “[a] merely well-informed man?” (As Alfred North Whitehead describes it, to be such a person makes you “the most useless bore on God’s earth.”)
By getting your daily fix of “news” aren’t you simply tapping into a framework of domestic and world “events” that are really an agenda that is set by “outside forces”? Aren’t you being programmed to accept or reject a viewto take a stance, pro or con; to fill your mind until it whiles away in a kind of way-of-all-flesh loop? Aren’t you falling for a con job? Think about it.
What matters is “spiritual warfare”wrestling against the unseen forces that are behind what is seen and heard: those “principalities” and “powers” and “rulers” of “darkness” and “spiritual wickedness in high places.”

But what is “spiritual”? What is “spirituality”? Most folks today tend to draw a blank or to point to religion in some manner to define “Spirit.” Is that because moderns identify overwhelmingly with the material world? With their bodies? With their existence as physical beings in a material universe?

It certainly does not help that religions have been infiltrated and horribly corrupted from within, viz., The Most Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (now the “Occult Renaissance Church of Rome,” as renamed by Catholic author and revisionist historian Michael Hoffman, and for good reason).

If one has already been “spiritually disabled” by modernity and the holy power of the Church has been blunted by its enemy infiltrators, how can one understand his or her spiritual nature? Where does one turn to commune with the Spirit of God? Is it enough to simply have faith? To love? To hope that one can effectively commune with the Godhead so that we can begin to grasp and know our spiritual selves? Can we then become “spiritual warriors”?

We can pray. We can stop the bombardment of interfering thoughts by taking time out to find that “stillpoint” every day. Yes, pray and yearn for God; for the grace of the Holy Ghost; for the sovereign union with-and-of the spiritual self. And if you are fortunate enough to find a real priest, take the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist regularly. In this way Spirit will re-awaken in you and you will soon possess the power of soul to battle principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Resurrecting My Faith: A Reawakening of Catholic Sensibility

For months Michael Hoffman’s latest book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome has stayed put in my bathroom. I had eagerly awaited it and picked it up from time to time, reading enough to satisfy me that his essential thesis was quite correct; over the past 500 years or so the Roman Catholic Church has been irretrievably corruptedby usury, Talmudic/Kabbalist infiltration, anything-goes ecumenism, perversion, and the occult black arts.
Each day when I took my constitutional the book was there, reminding me that the institution meant to carry forward and defend the living word of Jesus had become a sellout, a perfidious betrayer. As a result, for any Roman Catholic whose faith remains intact the sacraments are no longer available. Oh they are in form, but not in substance. The spiritual efficacy is gone that is supposed to emanate from the Vicar of Christ through cardinals and bishops and the priests via the sacraments of communion, confession, etc. And, since the hoax known as Vatican II, the Tridentine Latin Massthe REAL Massis no longer available. In other words, the desolation is complete; the grace, comfort and guidance was gutted out. The Roman Catholic religion has become an empty shell. That’s some kind of thievery. (See, e.g., ) 
In fact, the current abomination known as the Vatican is a Luciferian entity whose Satanic practices are personified by its anti-pope Francis, an anti-Christ whose blackened soul represents the antithesis of Christianityhe is nothing short of an apotheosis of charlatanry. Yes, the Chair of St. Peter is vacantsede vacanteand has been since Pope Leo X began accepting the practice of usury in about the year 1510 Hoffman’s words, usury being the “mortal sin that was and now is not.” Because none of the popes that succeeded Leo X renounced usury (with its accompanying sins of sodomy and moral relativism) those popes too were lacking in moral and spiritual authority.
Of course as a lad I was not altogether clueless. I remember the idiocy of “the folk mass” that broke out in the mid-60s after Vatican II and the rest of the casuistry that attended this final washing out of the Faith from the Roman Church. I was not then conscious of the steadily growing atrophy at the heart of that Church. Instead, I learned the dogma and teachings, the doctrine of one, holy catholic and apostolic Church, unaware of the cancer that had been eating away at it for 500 years. But a growing disillusionment began creeping over me until, by about 1970 I had all but abandoned my Catholicism. In its place I was caught up in the post-modern lies perpetuated by the “Glare of coolism,” rooted in the Tavistock-CIA-Mossad propaganda machine that essentially pushed its mind control via TV, radio, rock’n’roll and Hollywood.
For the bulk of my life, from the age of 16 onwards, until I began waking up in my early 50s (about 2006), I bobbed about, hip and cool, in a sea of uncertainty about everything around me. Still, for whatever reason, I always maintained an outsider mentality. I never bought into the whole lie. That is, I sought to stay on the margins, never embracing the materialist utopia whole-hog. I cast myself as a blues man, adopting and playing this fringeland music. And I took to doing roofing work for a while to stay free from the typical strivers of the mainstream. All this time, I kept a flame of faith alive within me. Similarly, I continued venerating education.
As I stayed on a tack of “spiritual seeking” I kept pecking away at studies of various kindspublic administration, law, and theories of consciousness. I was less  aware that education too had been co-opted. That same dogged dissatisfaction kept eating away at my soul as I traversed the socially engineered panopticon. The falsity and deceit, the lack of role modelsone might say, the virtual abandonment of rugged individualismleft this scruffy and tenacious seeker in a lonely world of separation and alienation. For a while I went about asking, “My people, my people, where are my people?” I knew that truththe real, the authentichad been eclipsed by something awful, but I could not quite put my finger on it until my best years were behind me. Too badall I could do was to get in line like a foolish man to receive my booby prize (comprised of certificates and licenses and endeavors that went nowhere).
For a month or so I wondered whether the real Catholicism was alive within the Orthodox traditions. I explored this but couldn’t get into it either, especially after learning that the particular Western right I was investigating also had no qualms about usury.  Maybe, I thought, like Sufism, real Catholicism is now confined to various outlier, ad hoc communities (e.g., with such arcane groups as the “Old Believers” who reside mostly in Russia). I just don’t knowwho does?
So I sent away for a silver Antioch cross and a Russian cross pendant, hung them on a silver chain and decided to wear them. I declare myself now to be a non-denominational Catholic. Actually, I don’t know if such a thing exists, but I don’t know what else to call myself. I still have my faith despite the absence of an institutionally legitimate religious framework. So be it.
Finally, just yesterday morning I watched some videos on Fatima.  I am now considering saying the rosary daily.  That may seem corny or stupid to folks, but not to me.    

Monday, September 4, 2017

Civil War with a Gebserian Twist?

How do you engage with a skeptical pest who keeps shooting down your sense of politics, current events, and our societal miasma? I tried to do so recently. I wrote:
I can assure you that, while well-intentioned and appreciated, your empathy toward me is quite off-the-mark. Actually, when I mentioned you may have a lack of empathy I meant it in a much larger sense, i.e., not toward me in particular but with regard to your fellow man. I wonder whether your overriding tendency to "abstract people" shows that you are leading with your head instead of your heart.

FYI (and not to be defensive but just to set the record straight) Red Ice Creations has fallen from favor as they have focused like a laser on Sweden, whiteness, Muslim invaders, and the like, falling into the trap you mention ("the hermetically sealed opposition cocoon"), plus they are woefully slow as a news aggregator. I don't watch TV, let alone controlled opposition Fox News. So take those sites out of your top hat and look for other rabbits, er, red herrings, to prop up your flagging efforts to categorize me as  hopelessly cocooned into a mythic worldview.

Again, we are talking politics, society, social trendsnot political philosophy, or even Gebserian theory (although it is quite obvious we are smack dab in the middle of the chaos of a dying malignant structure of consciousness).

Politics is essentially military strategy, the consolidation of constituents and assemblage of power and assets to overcome an adversary. It seeks to sway the opinion of citizens and others, or to quote that over-used expression, "win over the hearts and minds of the people." With the Patriot Act the media is now permitted to use psy-ops to propagandize its own citizens and that's what it does. So real lines are being drawn. And while I can certainly see the larger picture of myth-charged identity politics, there are truths to consider when it comes to the corrupt co-opting of our representatives and the factual differences in race, religion and national character (white, Christian nationalist identity). When these differences are purposely mutated, or their anti-theses are "weaponized" against the common good, then you have a very real socio-cultural problem that manifests in political chaos.

We are seeing Weimar re-enacted. The street leftists are actually inciting the right by tweaking their mythic sensibilities through violence. We are also seeing people taking sides, as they did in the War of Northern Aggression. And who is behind all of this besides the Judaics and other NWO globalists? THE BANKERS (one and the same, really)all wars are banker wars (Google that)the bankers profit from both sides fighting one another, from chaos.

Therefore, a very delicate line has been drawn wherein to act in violence is to play into the bankers' hands; yet to NOT act is to tacitly assent to the injustice being waged on the People via their proxies. Now, you can look at this in a samsaric wayspiritual forces are always relevantbut there still exists a nut-and-bolt, in-your-face reality to deal with; a socio-political "mopping up" that cannot be ignored, as it has been over these many years, during which time everyone has been mis-educated and morally debauched in so many ways.

The political reality outweighs the finer theoretical points in the drama now, making some sort of civil war inevitable. And it bothers me that you stand apart like any effetist would, sneering and jeering the very side that wants to re-establish some sense, order, and values into this psychopathic phenomenon we are now seeing that has gripped and entranced so many. NOW, we are more hip to the false flags AND are just beginning to understand how false flag weather events are geo-engineered, all to further incite the worst mythic tendencies from those who still harken to a sense of rightness. Thanks to intelligence sharing on the internet people are more mentally savvy to the old tricks of our "masters," and less swayed by mythic hyperbole.

Is it "mythic" of me to call out evil as being "Luciferian"? I don't think sonot if you think that the personages of Satan, Lucifer and Ahriman are real entities to whom real people offer child sacrifices, etc. Again, to know the real history of the Earth is to understand; not that I am some historian extraordinaire, but I have sought to overcome the outright lies of conventional history that mostly serve to continue our enslavement.

It could well be that Trump's election was engineered by the very same elitist forces for the purpose of fomenting the chaos they want to descend upon us, as it is right now. Still, the alternative is unthinkable=> the treasonous Obama/Clinton/Bush crime syndicate? Non merci! Yet we see those same elitist forces still exerting a certain power in the Trump White House, especially in the area of foreign/military policy. So while I side with my president (and I think his "heart," his patriotism, is in the right place) I am no rabid, unthinking fool ("my country, right or wrong=>I did learn something from the old counter-culture).

There are benign and malignant aspects to the mythic as there are to every stage of consciousness. Our mythic consciousness remains very much a part of us and serves its purposes. Regarding mental consciousness, the ability to engage in critical thinking is what I aim for (as in as an example); holding seemingly bizarre truths in a suspended state of scrutiny is also a mental characteristic bordering on an integral tendency (depends on the subject matter=> e.g., if we're talking ETs, a secret space program, unpublicized tech breakthroughsin short, a "break-away civilization"we're more in the realm of the integral).

If I may, it is more likely you who has given himself over to malignant aspects of the mythic by marginalizing and maligning the new/alternative counter-culture; perhaps you are so intent upon preserving what you deem to be "properly cogent" mental processes you have stratified (or even mythologized) your own mental consciousness. That, young man, is NOT very integral of you!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

“Woe To You When the World Speaks Well of You...”*

“Woe to you when the world speaks well of you...” *
"For in much wisdom is much grief: and whosoever increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow." **
Especially in this time of unprecedented corruption, pedophilia, and all sorts of wickedness, to be a “success,” in all likelihood, is no badge of honor:
·        to be a successful politician
·        to be a successful journalist
·        to be a successful clergyman
·        a successful attorney
·        a successful doctor
·        a successful educator
·        a successful writer
·        a successful artist
·        a successful entertainer
·        businessman, scientist, engineer, hi-tech person, et al.
A truly successful person is one who is dedicated to the truth, goodness and beauty of God, Our Spirit—renouncing Satan, Lucifer, Ahriman and any aspiration of material gain in and of and for itself—remaining steadfast to time-tested traditions, such as working with one’s own hands. In short, one should study and learn from the Blessings and Woes, as set out there in the Good Book.
As my grandfather once exhorted to me as I was bumbling my way through life:
“Oh ye who still linger on the threshold
Wondering which road to take
You will cry out, but cry out in vain:
'Oh youth return—
Oh give me back my early days!' ”
Yes, very young children know the truth, unsullied as they are from the pretensions of the world. They have yet to make compromises and concessions to the cult of materialism; they are not yet wrong-headed.
May we learn from children while striving, with love, to model real values, shunning that which is fleetingly "popular" or seemingly "cool."
May we identify with the power of soul and the natural world, not the deceiving mortal pleasures of the body and artificial distractions of mind.
May we embrace our sovereign liberty, our human beingness, and walk in the light of a consciousness that is timeless, ever-present within and without—mirrored back to us beyond the farthest reaches of space.
And may we remain humble in our anticipation of the wonders waiting to be discovered that are presently beyond our ken.
* Luke 6:26
Properly:  “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.”
** Ecclesiastes 1:18
Properly: "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."; Ecclesiastes speaks of the meaninglessness of everything—not just wisdom, but pleasures, folly, toil, advancement, and riches.
Or as the intellectual dynamo and writer, Thomas Aquinas, lamented: "The end of my labors has come. All that I have written appears to be as so much straw after the things that have been revealed to me."