Friday, December 7, 2012


Jimi Hendrix symphonies override the banal awful-world I'm in.  The mundane yields to the miraculous.  And I speed on, down the hi-way of desire to the next weird task.

People get riled at corporate injustice, government injustice, social injustice, food injustice.  Well-funded disseminoids explain everything.  Nothing can resist anymore.  Planetary plunder proceeds.  Do not stiffen, get upset.  It must be taken from you.

The interior world has withered, replaced by consumeroid techno-dreams imparted by portable screens carried around by living undead-heads.  All has been exteriorized into the co-opted profane.  Go to your big-screen altar at home and worship materialism in heedless self-absorption! Await perdition. Stay in your mutant state. Vegetate.

Go, on to the next weird task. Do not fret. Inside your intestinal fort you will reap those rewards of hearth.

Disentangled, ply the waves, the aery ether, into all-universe electric.  All souls welcome!  Rebound or bound-out; unbound, free.  Subjugate me no more, Saturnian poison darts. Oh Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, save what's left.  Catapult me, please!