Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It is the end of 2013.  I am 59-years old and living in America, in a state called Maryland.  The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., was carved out of Maryland and it overlooks the Potomac River.  Annapolis, the Maryland state capital, sits on the Chesapeake Bay. Further north is the city of Baltimore.  Some years ago I learned that 80% of Marylanders live on 20% of its land.  I don’t know if this still holds true or not.  I live on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County (a modified Piedmont plateau).  Old time Marylanders despise Montgomery County for being an affluent,  tax-hungry base for liberal, corporate Democrats whose socialist Agenda 21 plods on unabated as they sell-out to developers and collectivist interests.  But I am getting ahead of myself…

These times are strange times indeed, especially for a hopelessly alienated outsider like myself.  Still, being an outsider, I am more detached.  Not being beholdin’ to anyone for much of anything – nor lusting after the things that oppress me – gives me, I believe, a more objective view of things.  My purpose in writing this contemporary account is to provide a history for those who come after me who look back on these strange times trying to make some sense of them.  Good luck; they barely make any sense at all.

This is a time of confusion.  I was so confused that it took me 52 years to finally begin to understand what was going on, i.e., that I began to “see through the world.”  It wasn’t until 2006 that I actively sought to transcend the consensual reality and culture trance conditioning that was induced in me by the mind control of our unseen handlers.  Describing these handler-controllers and their insidious processes is key to truly groking the absurdity and the debased nature of this current age.  How and why I come to this conclusion will presently become clear to you, oh reader.

Generally, there are seven main cartels that seek to position themselves at the top of the control hierarchy.  These are the government, military, intelligence agencies, energy, money, media and medical cartels.  To this we could readily add the cartels of “religion” and “hi-tech.”  There are, in fact, other cartels (and sub-cartels).  All seek to control the individual via their wealth and power; each is highly compartmentalized with each compartment knowing only what is necessary to accomplish its particular part of that cartel’s overall mission.  Only those in the upper echelons know the secret, inner workings of each cartel and how a specific cartel inter-relates with other cartels.  The great mass of humanity outside of these cartels believes in some scaled-down version of reality in which a job becomes a career becomes a family, which leads to endless toiling away to make ends meet (with no inclination or time to ponder in wonderment and to otherwise try to figure out the game within which they are firmly embedded).  Most people know nothing of any greater plan that ceaselessly operates in their lives.  Almost none know the inner workings of that Great Deception and how they are thoroughly manipulated to remain enslaved while thinking themselves free.  That is the irony that persists in spite of suspicions – and even evidence – to the contrary.  Even those outside of the minion workforce remain oblivious to their actual condition.  All of these poor, unaware and unwitting fools have been labeled “useless eaters.”

During my own lifetime the population of the planet has more than doubled – from three billion to well over six billion people.  This overpopulation has alarmed elitist planners.  This has led them into devising a covert eugenics program.  The population must be culled, while maintaining enough manpower to keep the system running.  The mechanisms by which they implement their culling process are multi-pronged.  Dentists are (unwittingly) trained to do procedures such as root canals that lead to oral pathology – the neurotoxins from dead root canal teeth in the jaws of unsuspecting patients leech into their bodies and cause all sorts of degenerative diseases (cancers, cardiovascular and neurological impairments).  Not only are dentists mistrained, doctors are too.  Originally set up by the Rockefeller interests, medicine is rooted in sham education.  Hidden is the truth about food-as-medicine.  Instead what is encouraged is the consumption of synthetic “foods” that are in fact stripped of their life-sustaining nutrients via food processing and genetic engineering while made to “taste good.”  All of this impairs the immune system's ability to ward off degenerative diseases.  Then the population is guided into accepting the medical cartel’s pharmaceutical antidotes.  Add to this the poison vaccines that are mandated and “flu shots” that are widely advocated and the radiation making its way around the world from Fukushima, and you have a population whose immune systems  are unable to cope with this debilitating onslaught as they age.  Allopathic “medicines” alleviate symptoms but allow the eugenic program to quietly continue its culling of the human herd. 

The media accounts for probably 90% of the mind control that keeps people on their treadmills of ignorance. The broadcasting techniques of media, of course, are integral to the functioning of the medical cartel.  Witness all of the pharmaceutical ads on TV, for example.  

Governments work in tandem with the banksters of fiat money and fractional reserve banking.  Governments extract taxes from wages and incomes, sales and inflation.  Banksters squeeze the financial life out of a wage slave populace that is too beaten down to resist.  When banks fail, governments prop up these banksters.  It is business as usual, stealing from the people in an agenda that is becoming more and more socialized and fascist as government melds with financial corporate interests.

An ongoing war economy helps keep the system functioning.  Military adventurism abroad, in the name of democracy and national security, appeals to the national pride of the citizenry and to (a false) patriotism.  Using the terrorist boogie man, people are put in fear; from time to time false flag operations are devised and stage-managed by the intelligence agencies. 

Mainstream media does its part by disseminating its disinformation about government, money, and military, while discretely avoiding any solid investigation or reporting into the nefarious workings of intelligence agencies.

Energy companies are hooked on combustibles that pollute, while suppressing clean new technologies beyond solar and wind, such as zero-point energy or fusion or other Tesla-like technologies. Why?  Why indeed.  It’s all a part of the plan to oppress and control – science be damned!  Politics has eclipsed real science.  For the most egregious example of this look at the man-made climate change hoax in which bad science has been enlisted to ultimately establish a carbon-tax.  Whether it is time to do away with industry or not, creating irrational controls and a carbon “pollution” tax is touted as the way forward.  

Rest assured that media will disinform us, as usual, for the purpose of preserving business as usual.  Mainstream media is nothing but propaganda and mind control.  Even the internet has been infiltrated by “trolls” who spread lies and confusion on any topic that could conceivably threaten the interests of the cartels. News is nothing but public relations.  It furthers the social engineering of the populace into accepting, for example, the 1960s Aquarian Conspiracy, and now, acceptance of the homosexual agenda of marriage and other “rights” for sodomites.

America was long thought to be the grand experiment in representative democracy based upon We the People being the true sovereign.  But for government, everything has become a kind of black ops, reduced to centralizing and controlling.  The technology possessed by government/military black ops programs is perhaps 60 years ahead of the currently-known technology.  And so the communications of all people are spied upon, collected, catalogued.  Drones are used to spy and to kill.  Those individuals who still believe in personal liberty and speak the truth are ignored, marginalized, hounded, or terminated. Disarming the people via “gun control,” following staged mass-shooting atrocities, is part of the dismantling of America and its Constitution.  Money has been at odds with its constitutional definition since the Federal Reserve cabal snuck into existence in the early 20th Century and subverted it.  Elections, voting and campaigns are rigged and stage-managed, long corrupted by the money of “special interest” lobbyists owned by elites.  Politicians and entertainers are carefully choreographed to support the system, as are judges and other regulators.

Human values have been co-opted by commoditization and commercialism.  The real, the authentic has had to give way to the artificial, the synthetic.  Corruption and greed rule during this time.  There is no hope of establishing oneself in any honest career, unless perhaps it is an art or craft in which a person independently creates something of value.  This is terribly sad.  It is a strange and sad time for any person who comes from the heart, who believes in love and goodness, in beauty and truth.  This is a neo-feudal time wherein the new serfs are the uninformed, dissociated and confused majority; their masters are technocrats and transhumanists – secret societies of cold-blooded reptile elites whose souls are dead. 

Those alive today who read this account should not take my words above for the gospel truth.  Instead they should throw away their TVs, do their own research, and come to their own conclusions.  Those reading this many, many years from now, please know how hapless and helpless some of us feel; in this strange time of alienation and separation from ourselves and from each other, we long for real freedom; we long for the life force that is clotted up in the armoring of our bodies to be freed in order to allow for the blossoming of our optimal human potential.  This is far beyond what most can even imagine today.  To get there, to become self-realized during this age of false consciousness, is a Herculean struggle that few attain.