Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The heathen in us rages at what’s going on in the world today. Everything’s been cheapened. All is controlled and corrupted. Nothing works anymore.

But instead of whining about the effects, start raging against the cause.

America is being run-down by a dastardly cabal of men known as The Committee of 300. These plutocrats emerged (in their present form) about 150 years ago, heirs to the British East India Company’s opium trade. Now, through a descending hierarchy of executive arms such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Tavistock, The Club of Rome, NATO, The Council on Foreign Relations, and on down the line through government and military, the courts, mega-corporations, media chains, banking and insurance companies, law firms, public relations firms, think tanks, foundations, universities, and constellations of other entities – this Committee of 300 rules the world (at least most of it). It is the cause of all of the booms and busts, wars, and every so-called historical event we have had to endure to date. Rage, oh heathens, rage!

Whether or not heathens rage in Russia or China, we should be raging here in North America, oh brother! oh sister! Yes, rage, rage against the dying of the light! (D. Thomas)

As a taste of that about which I speak, tune into Dr. John Coleman at:

Go to his website, the World In Review: – the only news magazine that refuses all advertising.

Find out the details about the assassination of JFK, its cover-up, and lots of other dark deeds:

Yes, brothers, sisters – oh heathen nation – RAGE! RAGE! RAGE!

Why doth the heathen rage? – why does the wolf howl? – out of extreme alienation from truth by forces darker than can ever be fully known. Only heathens – especially those with intelligence, yet unselected for obedience and subservience – have the capacity to let out a rage so powerful it can shake this corrupt system to its core and bring this Committee and all its minions to their knees. Yes, all outsiders, even eccentrics, cranks and kooks – all of the "unselected" – are right. Find out for yourself why that heathen doth rage…