Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Dear God,

“Formed in Your image and likeness” presents us with difficulties right off the bat that soar out of the ballpark of our imaginal capacities. And yet the premise informs us of an innate divinity, or at least the inherent capability thereof, and this is worth contemplating –

It is said that all of the god-like entities were stumped over Your creations here on Earth – more specifically, how your divine thought created Man (in the all-embracing sense of the word), this soul-on-ice packed into mobile units reaching all too well into the material world, in physical space – yet with a love, with feelings, the parameters of which only their free will would determine. We creatures have now fallen into time, making a laughing stock of You. And yet an eternal patience shines on Man; Your enlivening ray of goodness. We persist to exist in spite of ourselves, our errors, our almost complete ruination of the planet.

How was it that over millennia the occult high priests led us here? What has become of the abundant gardens that once comprised our Earth? We wail and gnash our teeth out of ignorance of who we really are and what has come before. In our dissociated state we formed states with boundaries and keep ourselves like farm animals, helplessly feeding at the trough provided to us – at a price – by the keepers of Your resources. Yet these are not Your resources, but theirs – deadened and voiding life. Still, we daily take up the yoke and harness, while each day could be awe-inspired if only we knew ourselves better.

The one great escape from our zoo-like stalls is that stewy mass of life called Nature. Here, the artificial information bubble cannot penetrate. Here we can walk among Your thoughts – a tree, a brook, the rays of light and many-voiced birds, a wistful wind, the enduring earth – but alas, to read the book of Nature is a lost art. Rather than read, we loll and bask in its life-giving energies, Your thoughts reading us, giving sustenance. Oh to re-create those gardens-of-life! Oh to co-create immortal selves to be born and reborn into our kins’ domains on this Paradise Earth, forsaking the graveyard of death desiring!

Your love comes into us from its Divine Source – You. There is no wrath, no fear, no darkness, no penance put upon us – only support, kindness, gentle understanding. You give freely only what a loving father and mother could give their offspring – eternal hope borne of abiding faith in us, Yourself, Ourselves, rooted as we are in this Your good Earth, beacon germinator of life throughout the planetary universe of You.