Thursday, August 30, 2012


The great non-event of the 2012 presidential election is upon us.  The money has been pouring in, the scripts and teleprompters are in place, and the pantomime is about to begin.  No candidate would have gotten this far unless permitted to do so by the macro-engineers who manipulate all things; that mysterious force "behind the curtain" that vets and trains and stage-manages its unwitting puppet-clones so as to do its bidding.

Archie and Jughead are comic book characters meant to portray normal American kids.  Readers are supposed to be able to relate to them, much as Americans are expected to relate to Obama and Romney.  Archie is a lovable, though accident-prone, redheaded 17-year-old and a typical small-town teenager.  This might be Obama.  Generous, well-mannered, but clumsy, he is genuinely liked by many of his friends.  Jughead has been Archie’s best friend ever since childhood.  Jughead wears a trademark “clubhouse beanie” and an inscrutable, closed-eyelid expression. Often Jughead has to help Archie out from tricky situations. Jughead usually knows when Archie's ideas will not work, but is powerless to avoid getting involved.  Jughead might be seen as that flip-flopper joke-of-a-man, Romney.  Although they purport to be political rivals, they are actually cut from the same idiot cloth and beneath the “rivalry” each is simply playing a role that complements the other.  They are meant to be lovable and “only human” – with the best of intentions. But like the comic book characters, they are only distractions and are actually inconsequential and pathetic.  Their sensibilities are like those of children, as are their mind-dwarfed constituents who must be deaf, dumb and blind (or maybe just watch too much TV). 

At first blush Obama came across as a likeable and talented speaker.  Unfortunately, his actions never matched his rhetoric.  The bankster scam and “those wars” continue; the cloying, brown-nosing of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries that run healthcare produced the abortion known as “Obamacare,” and on and on.  He is liar, a phony, and a complete fraud who has not done a thing during his tenure to change business as usual.  His birth, upbringing, and rise to power are shrouded in the kind of mysterious ambiguities and coincidences that are characteristic of a “Manchurian candidate” groomed by some black ops somewhere within the intelligence community. 

Along comes Romney, that hedge fund hyena, corporate raider, and asset stripper.  Waiting in the wings, Romney has concealed his corps of neo-con con-men come-ons from Planet X ready to plunder any part of the world that resists its hegemonic, globalist finance agenda.  This bishop of the Mormon church is all the more frightening considering that connection to a cult with a sworn vendetta against America.  His agenda, if not identical to the U.N.’s Agenda 21 (to which the former “constitutional professor” Obama has been kow-towing) will be the same business as usual on behalf of the puppeteers.

The only candidate who spoke truth to power was Ron Paul.  He was belittled and handily marginalized by big media and is now the non-entity, much like Ralph Nader.  We are left with Archie and Jughead.  A vote for either rubber stamps a World Order that has commodified, dumbed-down, and razzle-dazzled a duped and conditioned citizenry.