Sunday, April 23, 2017


Those of us who have not sold out to any particular ideology or guidance system offered by not-so-secret-societies (i.e., we who are “not of the body”) find ourselves highly frustrated and irritated. How in the world can we ever know the inner workings of so many competing not-so-secret-societies that are behind the machinations of the “deep state,” and that vie to distract us from ourselves?

Specifically, how do we sort through not-so-secret-societies to determine who-is-who and is leading us to what particular ends?  One source claims that 100 secret societies prove who really runs America:

Despite the possibilities, here are the leading contenders that are most often suspected:





—and how do the following players figure into this mish-mash?:
Intelligence and security agencies worldwide

neo-Nazis (the real National Socialists vs. the Swiss Octogon Templar variety vs. the Hollywood version)

Judaic supremacist extremist Zionists and neo-cons

the Vatican

New World Order corporatists

Pharaonic “blue blood” royalty
Have a listen here: 
Even further down the poophole— consider these occultist/esoteric groups:



adherents to Zen and the Tao

Satanists/ Luciferians

How can we know anything anymore with any degree of certainty? With moorings all but gone—education, religion, media, all replaced by propaganda—wherein we are more dependent than ever on the web to be able to discern truth from horse feathers—how do we know we know what we know is true and correct?

Maybe, to one degree or another, we are lemmings, sheep being continually led by the nose down one garden path to the next by not-so-secret-societies—even as we mock others for being asleep and gullible. That is, just when we think we really know what’s going on in the world and understand how the world really works, we suddenly must stop, second-guess ourselves, and re-assess what we believe to be real.

Perhaps we are in a consciousness cul-de-sac, chasing our tails as we churn amid consensual reality and culture trance. But describing things with such sexy catch-phrases does not fully explain things or offer a solution for busting out of a matrix that has been slyly engineered to keep human beings from self-realizing their immense power and sovereignty.

I have written off all leftists, i.e., liberals, the so-called “progressives.” They have a mental disorder induced by cultural Marxism. Yes, I waive off this whole leftist ideological spectrum. Dare I call myself a “conservative,” when that moniker has been co-opted by Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs)? Or a Libertarian, when there are just as many problems with that ideology as being an anarchist?

Probably the best description of my political self is that I believe in the time-tested, traditional values and mores to which humans have aspired since time immemorial. This is much more than “political”—it is a lifeway, as much spiritual as political; it is a consciousness that is trans-cultural and Truth-seeking; it embraces love, the Good and the Beautiful, while using laser-like mental faculties and deeply intuitive sensibilities to flesh out reality and to reject their antitheses. It stands for justice. It rejects political systems in preference to rule by those whose merits have been proven in the fire of experience as worthy, regardless of ruling form.
I am speaking of standing in solidarity with “indestructible Tradition,” which is defined and discussed by Julius Evola (1898-1974): A tradition instilled and practiced by an individual who, with the aid of organizations and institutions aligned with traditional civilization and society, realizes himself completely, defends the principal values he recognizes as his own, and structures his life in a clear and unambiguous way. Evola identifies the type of human being capable of “riding the tiger”—an individual who can transform destructive processes into inner liberation—and, in so doing, offers hope to those who wish to reembrace Tradition. Evola, J., Ride the tiger: A survival manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul, (trans. by Joscelyn Godwin and Constance Fontana, 2003, Inner Traditions; Rochester, VT); orig. pub. as Cavalcare la Tigre, ©1961-2000, Edizioni Mediterranee, Rome.

On the brink of overwhelm, I came across a website that looks very promising:  NOTE: A “Former Jesuit” is involved. Might be problematic.

Go and see what’s offered there. Play their "Glass Bead Game." Anonymous patriot citizen journalists can make a difference. As I wade into this milieu, I do so with the above overwhelm about how to know we know what we know is true and correct.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Instead of looking to “bomb the shit” out of (((terrorists))), our fearless leader should take out the enablers who created, armed, funded and directed them. He need look no further than the unholy alliance of deep state American intelligence, Talmudic Israeli Mossad, the Wahhabist House of Saud, Qatar and Turkey. There are undoubtedly others, but these constitute the head of the viper.
The bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen has enraged and hardened Muslims to hate the U.S. with a hyper-vengeance. They hate us for killing their families, their friends; they hate us for ruining their countries with depleted uranium that continues to mutate countless lives—and they hate our seemingly amoral secularized culture, represented easily by those shaved headed, wrap-around sunglass-wearing, techno-killers that have stalked their neighborhoods ever since the pretext of the 9-11 false flag operation gave them a green light.
It’s the easiest thing in the world for Talmudic-Wahhabist-corporatist servitors to capitalize on the pure hatred we have engendered in the Muslim world. Just offer Muslim malcontents refuge and hope that they can get their jihad on by channeling them into a private army of zealot-butchers. That’s what our rogue CIA had offered to the mujahedeen fighting the Soviets. (The CIA in fact originally built the tunnels in Afghanistan that the U.S. has just destroyed with its MOAB.) And the culprits named in the opening paragraph above have continued to nurture (((terrorism))) ever since, molding their “armed rebels” to whatever Zio-Sunni-petro-nation ends they choose.
Surely the intelligence that the White House gets is as good as any researcher can deduce from a discerning scan and read of certain websites, such as,, or even,, or  and .
So, Donald, fight the good fight by coming clean with the American people and the world. Don’t insult us by mouthing a lie about President Assad mounting a chemical attack on his own people—on “babies”—or Russia being complicit in such an inane and horrid hoax. Don’t betray the populist trust, especially in such a blatantly stupid way. Sure, attenuate invader immigration and go after jihadist scum masquerading as Muslims. But don’t fail to cut off the head of the viper that manages and controls them.
Supporters of the supposed anti-System president do not want to see you surrounded by neo-con con men creeps and their corrupted Pentagon groupies. Rid yourself of the vestigial corpus luteum that has surrounded the presidency at least since the time of Woodrow Wilson. Instead, embrace your natural inclination toward Jacksonian ways. Be tough out in the world, be rough but right; be intelligent about kicking ass—don’t be a Zio-cowboy pushing a Greater Israel agenda, wittingly or unwittingly.
On a simple, visceral level, one can judge your recent military adventurism by the winks and nods from those cultural Marxist Democrats and Establishment pimps that constitute the antithesis of the Trump revolution. Truly we must ask these morons: Why doth the heathen rage? However, don’t continue to be their fool or we all may be asking, “Why doth the Donald rage?
And while you’re at it (if the world can last), go out and attack the Federal Reserve System, Hitlery Pantsuit and all of the entrenched Obamacist traitors within the government (especially the Israeli-firsters)—get your family the hell out of the White House. Keep Steve Bannon by your side. Drain the Swamp and purge the American soil of anti-populist globalist goblins. Stop your f***ing around, dude, and stick to your campaign promises; build upon the profile you model of the new rugged individual!

Friday, April 7, 2017

DONALD, WE HARDLY KNEW YE ('til you wacked Syria)

Donald Trump had my support from the get-go—in spite of his impoverished vocabulary and lackluster oratorical skills. When he won the presidential election there was an immense sigh of relief that at least Hitlery Pantsuit had been put down. And as he ascended the throne, amid the crude cacophony of leftist name-calling and an unremitting gnashing of teeth (then and ever since), I felt vindicated but pissed by the outrageous disrespect and lies hurled at our new fearless leader—the first since JFK to buck of the System whole hog.
On April 6, with the barrage of Tomahawk missiles fired upon Syria, that support of Trump has fizzled. I was fine with his treatment of our neighbors to the south and north, but was already questioning his foreign policy leadership on a number of overseas fronts, namely:
1.      His appointment of Ms. Haley as another Russian-bashing, distastefully impolitic ambassador to the U.N.;
2.      His remarks about Russia coming to its senses and “returning Crimea”;
3.      His continuation of the provocative NATO build-up of troops in Poland and the Balkans;
4.      His siding with Wahhabist Saudi Arabia over Shia Yemen and Iran and a Shia-leaning, more tolerant, Alawite sect of Islam to which President Bashar al-Assad of Syria professes his faith;
5.      His very public saber-rattling and sanctions against Iran seems right out of the Israeli-Mossad playbook; and
6.      The aggressive ex-generals he has put in charge of everything from domestic intelligence to the Defense Department seem hell-bent on waging endless Neo-con falsities, wars, and continuing foreign entanglements.
This latest false flag chemical gas attack seemingly was swallowed by Trump and his war-hawks hook, line and sinker. What proof did they provide to the American people that Assad was in fact behind this dastardly deed? And now Trump has done an about-face on Syria; by illegally and unconstitutionally interfering in the affairs of that sovereign nation—something he formerly condemned Obama for doing—he has begun a conflagration that cannot end well.
Long-suffering Syria was just now coming close to peace and stability. With the strategic help of Russia, the terrorist proxies were being extinguished there by its duly elected and popularly supported President Assad and the patriotic troops loyal to the Syrian government. Any clear-thinking person would be dubious about an “Assad-assisted chemical attack” that would risk all of the hard-won gains made so far in the war against the horrid scourge of these proxy terrorist groups plaguing his people (and driving them into Western Europe with the generous help of Soros-funded groups).
Trump has committed a grievous wrong. He has violated international law and has now emboldened the terrorist proxies in Syria. Worse, he has played into the hands of the war-profiteering corporate elite and Judaic supremacist extremists with their expansionist agenda for a “Greater Israel” in the Middle East.
My Christian grandparents emigrated from Lebanon at the turn of the 20th Century. They had the foresight to see the handwriting on the wall even before the founding of the modern criminal state of Israel further fanned the flames of religious, sectarian hatred.
Donald Trump is relying on those Zio-Jews who are close to him in his family and who are rampant throughout his administration to concoct a foreign policy that is Israel-first and America-last. This is a betrayal of Trump’s America-first promise to We the People and a complete abandonment of the Founding Father’s warning to steer clear of foreign entanglements.
Like many other Trump supporters, I have been patiently waiting for Trump to “drain the swamp” of those who do not have the best interests of the country as their prime directive. Mostly this means careerist Zio-bureaucrats and their leftist and phony conservative stooge servitors embedded throughout the government of the United States. Instead of ranting on Twitter about the fake news and other distracting nuisances, how about taking some strong, deliberate action where it really counts: CLEAN HOUSE in the State Department, the Defense Department, the Justice Department, EPA, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and so on, so that the same Systemic cronies are not leading the country astray, as has been the case throughout the Bush-Clinton-Obama years.
As things stand today, I have gone from being a supporter of President Trump to feeling absolutely ambivalent toward a figurehead who has duped himself, and worse—denied the People—of a president of integrity and independence who embodies true American leadership. Wise up soon, Donald Trump, or end up on the trash heap of history where others end up who have been misguided by elitist, plutocratic, Rothschildean, anti-populist, occult-Luciferian, pedophiliac, blackmailing puppet-masters.    
Jack Suss aka Wyman Wicket, ,
examines and questions the world’s artificial constructs, seeking out those individuals and entities who are non-aligned with the System (i.e., not fatally compromised or co-opted into false consciousness). Recently he has published an intellectual autobiography of his last 25 years, Plight of the Cultural Mutant; and two thought-bomb, sci-fi tales: 23 Skiddoo—Way Back Beyond Across the Stars (2016) and Time Tweaking (2017).


In Wicket’s second thought-bomb sci-fi tale, two red pill compatriots plumb the noospheric depths. Sam Whent, the protaganist, travels to Thailand to enlist the support of his more tech-savvy friend, Bill Mansard, who has retired there. Together they build a time-travel helmet that facilitates their ability to astral travel to the akashic record, the “repository of all that has come before.”
Sam’s journal documents the misadventures of his six-week Thai daze. And as their stress builds, these two friends take refuge in the calming balm copiously offered there by the fairer sex. Both prurient and astral activities give rise to reflective digressions by Sam as the duo slogs through the trenches together.


To order your copy click onto:
The lads find that they can actually insert themselves into the akashic record, sometimes in a most lascivious manner. They then devise a plan to intervene and tweak unfolding past events so as to “back-formulate” history, hoping to bring about a better future—i.e., a world that has not hi-jacked and robbed humanity of its optimal potential. These amateur inner space explorers find out the hard way that they can change but not quite control the course of history—that’s a job long dominated by professional controllers (as Sam knows all too well).

Yes, two horn-dog, red pill compatriots invent a time travel helmet. 
Where would you go if you were able to easily untether your astral body and direct it to any historical event in the akashic recordif your hope is to tweak a crucial point in history that will have a far-reaching future effect? 
These lads plan to rid the planet of a depraved neo-Marxism that has degenerated the West in the guise of a “progressive,” globalist, NWO con game of open borders, “diversity and multiculturalism,” and political correctness. But dangers lurk in the noosphere and in unintended consequences of their “time tweaking.”

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