Monday, May 1, 2017

USA, Inc., of Thee I Lament.

Just as American Intelligence Media relates in the above link to their audio essay, attorney Karen Hudes asserts that we've been under a covert constitution since 1871. (See, ;  also see , generally, )
Attorney Mel Stamper has written that America has been under martial law since the time of Lincoln (c. 1861) and/or in a state of declared national emergency since 1933 (A Lawsuit is an Act of War; and, Fruits from a Poisonous Tree (2008).
For years I've heard various folks proclaim that courts are actually operating under Admiralty Law and the Uniform Commercial Code; that federal common law is dead (since Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938)?)
There is also much talk about the "strawman" (E.g., see that use all capital lettersthat we should use phrases such as "I do not wish to contract," or "I waive the benefits privilege," in order to defeat citations and other attempts to bring us in "under their jurisdiction," and so on.
I used to wish that some enterprising young law student would publish a law review article exposing and explaining this whole "alternative law" thing, toward a finding of whether or not it has any merit. (I believe it has.)  Some years ago I did a search to see whether anyone had published such an article, and I didn't find anything. I suppose I should check again. If I wasn't so overwhelmed by the topic I might have done it myself by now. But I do not think any accredited law school would dare to publish an article that debunks the very raison d'etre for that school's existence. (If I'm wrong, someone please let me know and direct me to such a law review article.)
Have a look at this article:
Its premises and tenor are it true? 
In this false age anything is possible. It took me over fifty years to finally wake up. Now I don't know what is true and correct anymore, except that my own moral compass guides me and prompts me to ask questions when I am bewildered. So forgive me if I seem befuddled, betwixt and between. I sometimes think it doesn't matter anymoreat my age I'm content to find a warm fire to sit by and some old scrappy memories of happier times to comfort me. The world can go to hell (it probably already hasin fact, maybe it is hell). Yes, perhaps The Fugs were rightthe world's all a lotta "NOTHING":

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