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Those of us who have not sold out to any particular ideology or guidance system offered by not-so-secret-societies (i.e., we who are “not of the body”) find ourselves highly frustrated and irritated. How in the world can we ever know the inner workings of so many competing not-so-secret-societies that are behind the machinations of the “deep state,” and that vie to distract us from ourselves?

Specifically, how do we sort through not-so-secret-societies to determine who-is-who and is leading us to what particular ends?  One source claims that 100 secret societies prove who really runs America:

Despite the possibilities, here are the leading contenders that are most often suspected:





—and how do the following players figure into this mish-mash?:
Intelligence and security agencies worldwide

neo-Nazis (the real National Socialists vs. the Swiss Octogon Templar variety vs. the Hollywood version)

Judaic supremacist extremist Zionists and neo-cons

the Vatican

New World Order corporatists

Pharaonic “blue blood” royalty
Have a listen here: 
Even further down the poophole— consider these occultist/esoteric groups:



adherents to Zen and the Tao

Satanists/ Luciferians

How can we know anything anymore with any degree of certainty? With moorings all but gone—education, religion, media, all replaced by propaganda—wherein we are more dependent than ever on the web to be able to discern truth from horse feathers—how do we know we know what we know is true and correct?

Maybe, to one degree or another, we are lemmings, sheep being continually led by the nose down one garden path to the next by not-so-secret-societies—even as we mock others for being asleep and gullible. That is, just when we think we really know what’s going on in the world and understand how the world really works, we suddenly must stop, second-guess ourselves, and re-assess what we believe to be real.

Perhaps we are in a consciousness cul-de-sac, chasing our tails as we churn amid consensual reality and culture trance. But describing things with such sexy catch-phrases does not fully explain things or offer a solution for busting out of a matrix that has been slyly engineered to keep human beings from self-realizing their immense power and sovereignty.

I have written off all leftists, i.e., liberals, the so-called “progressives.” They have a mental disorder induced by cultural Marxism. Yes, I waive off this whole leftist ideological spectrum. Dare I call myself a “conservative,” when that moniker has been co-opted by Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs)? Or a Libertarian, when there are just as many problems with that ideology as being an anarchist?

Probably the best description of my political self is that I believe in the time-tested, traditional values and mores to which humans have aspired since time immemorial. This is much more than “political”—it is a lifeway, as much spiritual as political; it is a consciousness that is trans-cultural and Truth-seeking; it embraces love, the Good and the Beautiful, while using laser-like mental faculties and deeply intuitive sensibilities to flesh out reality and to reject their antitheses. It stands for justice. It rejects political systems in preference to rule by those whose merits have been proven in the fire of experience as worthy, regardless of ruling form.
I am speaking of standing in solidarity with “indestructible Tradition,” which is defined and discussed by Julius Evola (1898-1974): A tradition instilled and practiced by an individual who, with the aid of organizations and institutions aligned with traditional civilization and society, realizes himself completely, defends the principal values he recognizes as his own, and structures his life in a clear and unambiguous way. Evola identifies the type of human being capable of “riding the tiger”—an individual who can transform destructive processes into inner liberation—and, in so doing, offers hope to those who wish to reembrace Tradition. Evola, J., Ride the tiger: A survival manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul, (trans. by Joscelyn Godwin and Constance Fontana, 2003, Inner Traditions; Rochester, VT); orig. pub. as Cavalcare la Tigre, ©1961-2000, Edizioni Mediterranee, Rome.

On the brink of overwhelm, I came across a website that looks very promising:  NOTE: A “Former Jesuit” is involved. Might be problematic.

Go and see what’s offered there. Play their "Glass Bead Game." Anonymous patriot citizen journalists can make a difference. As I wade into this milieu, I do so with the above overwhelm about how to know we know what we know is true and correct.

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