Thursday, October 14, 2010


1. Declare an end to American Empire. Withdraw troops from military adventures in all foreign territories.

2. Audit the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve and all major corporations. Hold guilty parties accountable for fraud, corruption, deceit, extortion, unfair business practices, etc.

3. End the practice of allowing private banks to create fiat money, viz., the central bank known as the Federal Reserve. Then, when money is created it is created by the government. The multiplier benefit of fractional reserve banking and the interest on loans would then go directly into the United States Treasury, not to offshore banks to keep feeding the great Mammon known as the globalist corpocracy. Among its restorative effects? Deficit reduction, the terminating of both the unlawful income tax and property taxes (that make tenants of property owners), and immediate economic stimulation, inaugurating a new prosperity for all.

4. End federal government subsidies to industrial farmers, including the outlawing of factory farms for livestock. Heavily tax the production and use of synthetic fertilizers in order to promote organic farming. Work out a system for breaking down the huge monopolies on farmland into small traditional farm holdings whose operations follow the traditional farming methods of Joel Salatin and others like him. Discourage food processing that uses sugar (esp. high fructose corn syrup) and other food additives, and the long distance transportation of produce by taxing these things.

5. End government subsidies of and tax benefits to oil companies. Prohibit offshore drilling and drilling in or near delicate environments like the Arctic. Instead, offer subsidies and tax benefits to businesses developing alternative energies and the manufacturing of the systems that support them.

6. End the stranglehold on media by the corpocracy.

7. End the ownership of our healthcare system by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, and ban advertisements for prescription drugs. Prohibit hospitals from operating as for-profit entities.

8. End government involvement in education, except as a source of scholarships and as a guarantor of school loans.

9. End the practice of electing and appointing judges. Instead, require potential judges to pass an exam, which then puts them into a pool of candidates from which judges are then randomly selected.

10. End the private financing of political candidates, the two-party system, and the electoral college.

11. End the national security state by a top to bottom review and reform of all of the investigative and intelligence agencies.

12. End the involvement of sovereign governments in the production and sale of weapons and military equipment; heavily tax any manufacturing that turns out disposable products or designs for built-in obsolescence, remembering that taxation is a way to penalize, and thus discourage, products and activities that go against the public good.

Jonathan D. Suss is a cultural mutant multi-career virtuoso (blues piano player and singer, roofer, poet/writer, one-time military officer, lawyer, English professor, and Ph.D.) who is bereft of ambition to “be anything” in this phony baloney world – secular or otherwise. He is always on the look-out for an enlightened patrone from deep in the woods or from the plutocratic elite who also “sees thru the world” and may wish to join forces to further worthwhile underdog agendas by performing weird tasks, such as piercing the veil of corpocracy. Some of his ideas can be further studied at and he can be contacted at

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