Saturday, April 15, 2017


Instead of looking to “bomb the shit” out of (((terrorists))), our fearless leader should take out the enablers who created, armed, funded and directed them. He need look no further than the unholy alliance of deep state American intelligence, Talmudic Israeli Mossad, the Wahhabist House of Saud, Qatar and Turkey. There are undoubtedly others, but these constitute the head of the viper.
The bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen has enraged and hardened Muslims to hate the U.S. with a hyper-vengeance. They hate us for killing their families, their friends; they hate us for ruining their countries with depleted uranium that continues to mutate countless lives—and they hate our seemingly amoral secularized culture, represented easily by those shaved headed, wrap-around sunglass-wearing, techno-killers that have stalked their neighborhoods ever since the pretext of the 9-11 false flag operation gave them a green light.
It’s the easiest thing in the world for Talmudic-Wahhabist-corporatist servitors to capitalize on the pure hatred we have engendered in the Muslim world. Just offer Muslim malcontents refuge and hope that they can get their jihad on by channeling them into a private army of zealot-butchers. That’s what our rogue CIA had offered to the mujahedeen fighting the Soviets. (The CIA in fact originally built the tunnels in Afghanistan that the U.S. has just destroyed with its MOAB.) And the culprits named in the opening paragraph above have continued to nurture (((terrorism))) ever since, molding their “armed rebels” to whatever Zio-Sunni-petro-nation ends they choose.
Surely the intelligence that the White House gets is as good as any researcher can deduce from a discerning scan and read of certain websites, such as,, or even,, or  and .
So, Donald, fight the good fight by coming clean with the American people and the world. Don’t insult us by mouthing a lie about President Assad mounting a chemical attack on his own people—on “babies”—or Russia being complicit in such an inane and horrid hoax. Don’t betray the populist trust, especially in such a blatantly stupid way. Sure, attenuate invader immigration and go after jihadist scum masquerading as Muslims. But don’t fail to cut off the head of the viper that manages and controls them.
Supporters of the supposed anti-System president do not want to see you surrounded by neo-con con men creeps and their corrupted Pentagon groupies. Rid yourself of the vestigial corpus luteum that has surrounded the presidency at least since the time of Woodrow Wilson. Instead, embrace your natural inclination toward Jacksonian ways. Be tough out in the world, be rough but right; be intelligent about kicking ass—don’t be a Zio-cowboy pushing a Greater Israel agenda, wittingly or unwittingly.
On a simple, visceral level, one can judge your recent military adventurism by the winks and nods from those cultural Marxist Democrats and Establishment pimps that constitute the antithesis of the Trump revolution. Truly we must ask these morons: Why doth the heathen rage? However, don’t continue to be their fool or we all may be asking, “Why doth the Donald rage?
And while you’re at it (if the world can last), go out and attack the Federal Reserve System, Hitlery Pantsuit and all of the entrenched Obamacist traitors within the government (especially the Israeli-firsters)—get your family the hell out of the White House. Keep Steve Bannon by your side. Drain the Swamp and purge the American soil of anti-populist globalist goblins. Stop your f***ing around, dude, and stick to your campaign promises; build upon the profile you model of the new rugged individual!

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